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"Your very specialised care and encouragement has enabled my son to improve way beyond all my hopes. You have made it possible for him to move on to a home of his own - this could only have been achieved by the skilled and patient care he has received from you all."

Welcome to Titleworth Neuro

Titleworth Neuro is one of the most respected providers of expert care and rehabilitation for Acquired Brain Injury in the UK. We are a source of help, support, understanding and advice – here whenever you need us.

We are a family owned and run company, maintaining solid family values through every aspect of our highly personalised care and rehabilitation services for more than 30 years. 

Brain injury affects different people in different ways, so the care and rehabilitation we provide is as individual as our clients. We focus on every aspect of rebuilding lives, where our residents learn to adapt to and make the most of their new capabilities.

Our specialist complex nursing and rehabilitation services are provided in a homely, relaxed and reassuring environment in our two specialist units in Surrey and East Sussex.

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Titleworth Neuro Locations

  • Mulberry House

    Mulberry House provides active rehabilitation, continual assessment and complex nursing for adults with acute and post-acute Acquired Brain Injury.

    East Sussex

  • Rowland House

    Rowland House

    Rowland House provides intensive personalised rehabilitation for adults who are progressing along the rehabilitation pathway following an Acquired Brain Injury. 



"I’m so glad my daughter is here, they know how to deal with her difficult moods and care for her. She has moved on so much since she has been here, they spend time communicating with her and they don’t leave her for hours on her own, like at her last placement.

I think the Unit Manager is wonderful, she really understands her. I can now go home and sleep at night because I know that she is being cared forand I don’t have to worry.."

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